Band Biography

Fabien Melanson (Singer/Songwriter/Guitar)
Justin Trudeau (Singer/Songwriter/Guitar)

Photo by Jonathan Edwards of Corvidae Studio Photos.

Etoile Noire is a creative musical duo, bringing a unique grassroots charm, and southern twist. The duo includes Canadian core artists Fabien Melanson (Titan Rain, Powergoats), and Justin Trudeau (Julie Corrigan, Allysa Munaretto). Their alluring combination of pop hooks, slide guitar, chicken pickin’, stomp box beats, and saccharine harmonies, is an audio taste of home, no matter where you’re from.

“It all happened by hanging out and talking about life”, says Trudeau of the organic growth of the project. This bilingual Folk, Indie, Country entity is excited to be releasing their debut single “Gone” on Feb 14, 2017, with the release of their full length album, Etoile Noire (Black Star) and an east coast tour in the following months.

Producer Biography

Eric Eggleston (Music Producer, Songwriter & Artist)


From the age of twelve, Eric was forming groups, releasing albums and performing all over, including gigs across Canada, the US, Scandinavia and Ireland, where the Eric Eggleston Band performed at Sir Elton John’s afterparty.

Working on the craft of songwriting has been and continues to be a constant in Eric’s musical journey. He has written and collaborated with Alan Frew (Glass Tiger), Ralph Murphy (Nashville), Aaron Kamin (The Calling), Simon Wilcox,  Ashley MacIsaac,  Chuck Wild (Los Angeles), Troy Sampson & Jeff Dawson.  

In Television:
The song “Top of the Hill (Cassablanca)” from Eric’s upcoming solo project(The Human Crush) can be heard on a recent episode of the SHOWCASE television show, “Rizzoli & Isles.”

To better his skills as a recording engineer and mixer, Eric has had the pleasure of being personally mentored by Bruce Swedien (engineer/mixer for Michael Jackson), Michael Brauer (mixer for Coldplay, John Mayer), David Kahne (producer for the Bangles, the Strokes & Paul McCartney) as well as Michael Wagener (producer/mixer of Skid Row, Metallica & Ozzy.)

In 2010, ‘Johnny Hall’, the title of a track by his former group ‘Harpoon,’ became the name of his production company and studio in Ottawa.
Over the past 7 years, as a producer, Eric had worked on projects in most genres (rock, pop, folk, country, world, reggae & edm) with artists from Ottawa, Calgary, Toronto, Montreal & Los Angeles.
Some of these tracks can be heard on the homepage @
277 Rolling Meadow Cr
Ottawa, ON K1W 0A8